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Pascal Timothy Kernan at 2 - 3 months

Hi Everyone! Life is great! My Mommy and Daddy feed me, change my diaper, and give me baths. Then my Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and spoiled me. Grandpa had his toy camera and took some pictures of me. I hope you like them.

I hope you like these pictures.

Me and my Mom and Dad
I'm in my Baptism tuxedo. My Aunt Ewa got it for me. It's a bit big, but I like it.
Me and my Grandma
Me and my Ja Ja
Ja Ja is Polish for Grandpa
Me and my Babcia Theresa.
Let's go, I'm ready to get baptized. Babcia is Polish for Grandma.
St. Anny Church in Straczno. A small village near Walcz, my Mom's hometown
In English, Walcz is pronounced Vouch.
Aneta and Bogdan, Ewa, Pascal, and Anna
My Mom's brother Bogdan and his wife Aneta, my Bapcia's sister Anna and her daughter Ewa, and me.
If my Mom holds me, I'll sleep through the whole thing.
It's September 12th. Tomorrow I'll be two months old.
What's happening!
I wish they'd let me sleep!
I think it's over, they're posing for pictures.
This is me with Babcia, Grandma, Mom, and Dad.
This is me with Anna, Marek, Father Adam Mizerski, and Ewa
Marek is the husband of Ewa.
This is Bogdan, Aneta, Melina, Marek, Mom, Dad, and Patryk.
We're back in Walcz and it's time to eat! Melina is happy she's no longer the youngest. She and Patryk are children of Marek and Ewa.
Ewa, Anna, Babcia, and Grandma.
My Dad is curious.
Me and my Mom.
They took off my big hat.
It's the next day, and we're back home in Warsaw.
My Dad is washing my head. It feels good.
My Dad is giving me a bath. This is fun.
Me and my Grandma.
My Grandma likes to cuddle me. She's nice and soft and warm.
Me my Mom.
I found out why I have a thumb. It's better than that plastic thing.
My Mom is teaching me how to dance.
With two Babcia's, I get all the attention I want.
My Grandpa got me this mat so we could wrestle.
He also taught me to be a Packer fan.
That's me peeking over my Mom.
My Grandpa taught me this trick.
My Dad came back from Mexico and Chile. It's October 4th.
He bought my Mom a pretty yellow dress and a poncho for me.
He also bought me a suit from Chile.
It's a little big for me now.
Taking another bath.
My Dad enjoys this too.
Me and my Grandma.
Me, Mom, and Grandma.

Thank you for viewing my pictures. I hope to see you in person someday. I'd especially like to meet Nana, all my Aunts and Uncles, and all my new cousins.