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The Adventures Of Captain Goldfish!

American East Conference Swimming Tournament

February 20, 1999

University Of Maine

There are 6 photos that follow, all from the first day of the tournament. They all depict the events and people involved in this day's adventures of Captain Goldfish.

American East Conference Members: Vermont, Maine, New Hampsire, Delaware, Drexal, BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Northeastern, and Towson State
The Teams Prior To The First Event: Can you find Captain Goldfish In This Picture?
Captain Goldfish Qualifies For The Finals: Sorry, the photographer didn't capture any of the action.
The Coneheads: Captain Goldfish reveals his alien origins.
The Coneheads and Relatives Laura and Martie: Head Conehead Wardar Is Know To Consume Vast Quantities Of Malt Beverages, Co-Head Conehead Eldar prefers gourmet water.
The Coneheads, Laura, and a Conehead in the making: Coledar, the junior member of the family, was home studying (ha ha). We ate at the Governor's Restaurant, but no one had the McKernan burger.